A book shelf of Memories





Last Tuesday, Sarah showed me the Leon and its special texture that had captured my mind. It was amazingly and tightly stretched out. After then, I went to the art seminar of Anja Bache in Harder hall.
When she showed her work to us, her ceramic sculptures gave me the idea of a book shelf.

So this idea helped me to decide the title for my project : Memories. I have imagined that my memories were like books in the book shelf of my mind. Since each memory had different emotions and spans, I wanted to make the inner pages of book that have individual patterns or lengths.

However, I didn’t know what to do with the idea of ‘Interaction’. I thought about this issues so long and carefully picked up the books from each shelfs. Reading the words on the Leon could be one of a kind of interactions.

At the first time, I was trying to make a ‘real’ book shelf, but the book shelf of memories in my mind likely looked more abstract. That is why I brought up the idea of abstract book shelf.

I was thinking about what kind of fiber should I use for the texture of my work. When I saw Molly and Andrew’s work last time about using the toilet paper, it was really fascinated to me, and it fostered me to decide how I suppose to adore the body of my work. Since our land of memories are really fragile and flexible, I believe that the toilet paper can express their characteristics very well.

Since each book had different contents, I made the different patterns on each of fiber. One has a hole and the other one has a ribbon. I also gave the special meaning to the place where they are placed in. For example, the memory that I do not want to remember was put in the smallest hole, so that it is hard to be discovered. Because I always try to hide the worst memory in the deepest side of my mind.

After I finished my work and saw what other students made, I realized that I didn’t understand exactly what is the meaning of ‘Interaction’ and I was so sad what I have made, however, it was good opportunity for me to deal with fabrics.


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