Ribbons & Relationships

Ribbons & Relationships

The inspiration and overall concept for this piece was based around relationships and a friend’s (third party), interactions associated with them. The fabric connecting Leo and I, in this scenario, represents the bonds formed by the partners to one another. The fabrics sway and movement helps to represent the course of the relationship and interaction betwixt the partners. As the partners become closer we see the fabric become less erratic in nature, allowing friends to cross through with ease and with little care, but as the partners separate the movement becomes more tight and aggressive, locking in the closest friends between the two partners, who have found themselves unhappy in their relationship and clawing for their friend’s support.

In the critique we came to the understanding that the quality of the our creation was truly sub-par, which distracted the viewer from both the interactive performance and overall concept. In order to change this we repaired multiple spaces in which we saw uneven lines and jagged edges in each ribbon of fabric. We also began to consider more ways of involving the interactive community around us. Below is a small collection of photographs, among many, as well as video footage, used to document the interactive piece.

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Where Could This Go?

Leo and I, after the repairs and documentation, began thinking of recreating this piece on a grander scale. We considered the idea of making this piece bigger and more effective with different fabrics of choice, such as reflective fabrics, silk, nylon, etc. We also considered taking this outdoors in order to interact with strangers and other communities. In addition, we brought forth the idea of music and concept reflection with members of the interaction, Whether they be on the one of the two sides or set in the middle without a means of escape.

Aindriú L. H. Yohn


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