10 Performances with 10 Rules – Sara Hake

  1. “Don’t Step on the Crack! – Sync Style” Performance: Walking in sync with another person. Rule: Don’t Step on any cracks on the ground.

2. “J-Walking, Baby-Step Style” Performance: Crossing the road without a crosswalk. Rule: Must only take baby-steps.

3. “Moonwalk like a Robot” Performance: Moonwalking. Rule: Don’t bend the knees

4. “Don’t Walk and Text!” Performance: Walking while texting. Rule: Don’t run into anything

5. “Walking the Curved Road, with My Feet Planted Firmly on the Side” Performance: Walk in or follow a curve. Rule: Must walk on the outsides of your feet only.

6. “Backwards Barefoot Walking” Performance: Walking backwards. Rule: No shoes allowed!

7. “Walking Tunes” Performance: Walking to the rhythm of music. Rule Must listen to music at all times – and skip the ads as soon as you can!

8. “Tip-toe Tightrope” Performance: Walking on tip-toes. Rule: Must place your feet directly in front of one another, as if walking a tightrope.


9. “Horizontal Walking – Make sure to keep your eyes on the ground!” Performance: “walking” while laying down. Rule: Must keep your eyes fixed on the ground at all times.


10.”Speedy Heel Walking” – Performance: Speed Walking. Rule: Only walk on heels





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