Drowning in Light

For the first project, using light as an object, I used the body as a canvas to display the colors. The black signifies death and a void that is both mysterious and terrifying. The red light symbolizes panic and the blue symbolizes calm. I’ve read that drowning is the most peaceful way to die; your body tries to fight it, but in the end your heartbeat slows and you slowly fade away. The blue and the red together make a beautiful composition on the water and on the body that serves as a vessel. To create this piece I took the lights to the pool and using the gel colors, I projected red and blue light onto the surface of the McLane pool at night and photographed it. I lay in the pool and had someone photograph me as I floated, and the light on the water was my portrayal of using water as light. I think this is really powerful because red light is not as easily seen in the water and the body in the water was a vessel for the red and blue light to be portrayed. Blue and red are also contrasting colors and make a really bold statement when displayed together.

Drowning in light 



Author: Ffion Collinsworth

Im just here to get an education so I can educate the rest of the world on how to art

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