Light/Final Work – Andrew L. H. Yohn


This first photograph was me lighting an object. I chose to create rings using paper and cloth found in the studio. I twisted the paper to create texture in an effort to catch as much light as possible with varying angles. When considering my options I chose to create this because it carried the most texture through out. I noticed in earlier critiques that the most exciting objects, when lit, had a heavy amount of texture throughout the piece. I experimented with the colour options available and came to the conclusion that the most effective and dramatic lighting came from reds and blues.


This second photograph was me lighting and interacting with a body. When creating this shot I understood that in order to create a contrasting dark and light rich scene I needed a very dark space. In order to make this work I set up camp inside the immersive black felt “Safe-Space” created earlier by two of my classmates and turned off the exterior lighting. I then placed three stools on top of one another as a base for the light and again experimented with the colours available. The red gave me an exciting and sinister tone to each photograph I took.

This project most definitely opened me up to a new medium that I never truly understood. I now realize that there is so much more that can be done and created through the use of light, whether it may be lighting a piece of artwork, forcing intrigue into a collaborative piece with other classmates, or even creating a three-dimensional piece using light itself as the material. There is clearly more to be learned in my study of light, but this was definitely an interesting step into the right direction.


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