Napping – Morgan


  1. Sound
  2. Video
  3. Sketch


4. Writing

img_11405. Photo

img_11116. Testimonial

img_11427. Abstract Photo

img_11338. Blind Contour

img_11379. Artifact

img_114110. Outsider Description




  1. On a Couch

See #2 under Documentation

2. In a chair

img_11143. Standing Up

img_11294. On the Floor

5. In Fetal Position

See #7 under Documentation

6. Spread Eagled

img_11367. The “Dead Log”

img_11358. Asleep on Fist


9. The Mussed Up Bed


10. Arms for Pillows

See #8 under Documentation


  1. Only breathe through the mouth

2. 45 second long video

See #4 under Performed

3. Do a drawing in only pencil

See #8 under Documentation

4. Only I can take the photo

See #7 under Performed

5. Only breathe every 5 seconds


6. Change sleeping position every 10 seconds

7. Go nude

See #3 under Documentation

8. Snore at least 3 times

9. Keep eyes closed for at least 20 seconds

10. No documentation during other classes

All of the above



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