1. count how many times a day you yawn

2. photograph of mouth while yawning

3. photograph of nose while yawning

4. photograph of forehead while yawning

5. video of yawning

6. drawing of someone yawning

7. drawing of someones mouth while yawning

8. audio recording of someone yawning

9. remix the audio to create a s!ck dubstep-y yawn song

10. count how many times you see other people yawning throughout the day, week, month, and year


1. Upside-down

2. While Spinning

3. Stick tongue out while yawning

4. Cover Mouth

5. Don’t Cover Mouth

6. Make no sound

7. Make whatever sound your yawn creates

8. Enter warm room, stress yourself out, yawn

9. Try not to yawn

10. Keep mouth closed at start of yawn to stop it


1. no yawning when you’re sleeping

2. no yawning at the dinner table

3. no yawning to show you’re awake

4. no yawning when someone is talking to you

5. cover your mouth when you yawn

6. don’t yawn while chewing

7. no yawning with your mouth closed

8. only yawn with your mouth open

9. must scrunch nose when yawning

10. always think you’re tired if you yawn


Author: breesarkay

my mother told me that when i was a kid, i would eat an entire jar of pickles without asking, all in one sitting

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