10 10 10 -Sam R.

So I ended up with unlocking doors…… My immediate thought was right to the doors i unlock every day at my dorm and how tedious of an action that is, but thinking about it more the mechanics of locks and keys are really quite interesting, also the action unlocking doors can obviously succeed just physically unlocking doors.

10 Time and Regular Constraints

-I have to pee so bad but the door has twenty different locks and its the only bathroom within a mile

-Too passionate about unlocking doors but don’t have a set of house keys

-Breaking the key in the lock

-Breaking the lock in your key

-The unlocking process takes 4-6 years and costs $124,864,856,134,056.50

-Not knowing which key is to which door

-My car door is locked from the inside I have the spare key on the touside the car is moving at 5 mph

– Having they key but not the door

-Locking the unlocked door thinking it was locked just to have to unlock it again

-Many many many many many many many many many many many locks



10 Forms of Documentation

-Video of unlocking doors

-Mashed video

-Sketch of different locks

-Sketch of keys

-Charcoal rub of keys

-Impressed finger prints

-Imprint the key on my hand

-Blind contour of key

-Audio of locks unlocking

– A job application




10 Performances

-Getting accepted and attending Alfred University

-Filled out a job application

-Putting a key in the locked lock and see if anyone will unlock it

-Breaking keys inside the locks of the front and back doors of my dorm

-Closed my eyes and tried to get the key in the lock

-Unlock they keypad with my nose

-Unlock the keypad with my toes

-Handed in the job application

-Unlock the lock with the key in my mouth

-Spitting on the key before unlocking the door







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