Ffion Collinsworth

10 forms of Documentation

  1. Video
  2. Photoblink2
  3. Slo-mo
  4. Time lapse
  5. Blind Contour Drawingblink4
  6. Poemblink3
  7. Paragraph- My eyes begin to dry as the hard winter air surrounds them like a vicious cloud. My eyelids give the signal to drop, but only for a nanosecond. I can feel how dry my irises have become and they begin to yearn for the sweet relief of lubrication that my eyelids will surely supply. I let them drop and moisture refills them, and allows them to see without pain once again.

  8.  Narrative- “Is it time yet?” asked the eyeballs. “Not yet” replied the eyelids, “But soon. The ar is dry, and we’re working overtime to keep you from dehydrating in this fridgid weather.” “Is it time now?” plead the eyeballs, who feel as though it must be close to time. “Wait for it… wait for it…. now!” The eyelids flutter close for a split second and allow moist lubrication to fill the eyeballs once again.

  9. Puppet
  10. Embroideryblink1

10 Rules for Blinking

  1. Don’t blink for 2 minutes
  2. Blink as fast as you can for 30 seconds
  3. Don’t laugh while blinking with eye contact
  4. Blink once every second for 30 seconds
  5. Blink once every minute
  6. Blink every time someone sneezes
  7. Blink every time someone mentions Blink 182
  8. Every time you go to sleep, blink for at least 8 hours
  9. Every time someone checks their phone blink three times fast
  10. Dramatically Blink every time someone says the word “I”

10 Performances

  1. Count how many times Barry Benson blinks in the bee movie (Approx 462 Blinks)
  2. Have a Staring contest until someone blinks
  3. Blink 5 times fast whenever you sneeze
  4. Wink every time you see Evelyn Varlan
  5. Blink to the beat of Music
  6. Blink once when making eye contact with a teacher in class
  7. Blink in sync with a group of 5
  8. Exasperatingly blink whenever someone says something
  9. Blink three times at anyone who passes you
  10. Any time someone says a word that begins with the letter ‘B’ blink

Author: Ffion Collinsworth

Im just here to get an education so I can educate the rest of the world on how to art

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