Cracking Knuckles – Drake Lee



  1. one hand
  2. two hands
  3. group
  4. sumo knuckles
  5. knuckle crack before bottle flip
  6. upside down
  7. from a high place
  8. prone
  9. super dramatic (throw fist into hand, crack knuckles, then cross arms)
  10. evil smirk


Ways to document:

  1. writing
  2. audio
  3. drawing
  4. video
  5. photo
  6. time laps
  7. slowmo
  8. personal narrative
  9. blind contour
  10. count how many times you crack your knuckles a day


Some Rules: Crack your knuckles…

  1. when greeting someone
  2. and make sure everyone can hear
  3. until you hear all your knuckles pop
  4. and then the rest of your body
  5. always with your eyes open
  6. always before a fight
  7. in every photo op
  8. every time you see yourself in the mirror
  9. before having a meal
  10. before going to bed




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