Time-Andrew L. H. Yohn

Ideas Prior to Project:

Balloons- use multiple balloons to study time, blow them up and take time lapse as they deflate overtime

Water- create a piece using water and document as it evaporates in the space

Zinc & Acid- I began to realize this idea was practically impossible considering I have no means of retrieving the materials

Dying Materials- photograph/document a dying or decaying object day after day

Project & Documentation:


When thinking about this project I came to the understanding that my materials and abilities were limited. I didn’t have the means to find zinc, acid, balloons, etc. Lucky for me, my RA would be leaving that evening to visit family and his newborn son in Rochester, NY. My RA, Keshawn, is not a big fan of profanity or customization of the dorm doors. He would be gone for at least five days and when he comes back I assume he will either ask me to remove it or he will remove it himself whilst I’m absent, most likely the latter. I chose this phrase and tape colour to attract attention. I thought of other phrases that I could use, however, all the other phrases were either too bold, not bold enough, or too odd. This could have led to the chance of someone taking it off themselves before the end of five days due to being made uncomfortable. It has been five days since I put it on my dorm door and yet still no sign of Keshawn. However, I have had some entertaining commentary come my way in the meantime.




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