Eating- Gina Siuda

10 Rules/Time Constraints:

  1. Eat in a different place each time
  2. Never eat the same thing twice
  3. Eat everything on the plate
  4. Eat something for breakfast, lunch, and dinner
  5. Must chew and swallow the food
  6. Be silly
  7. Eat fast
  8. Eat slow
  9. Include at least 1 weird act per piece
  10. Have only 1 normal way of eating

Eat something that shouldn’t be normally eaten


Eat in odd places


What to wear while you eat

Embarrass yourself in public with eating


Fast eating

Slow eating

Time laps 

Eat small portions


Shove as much food into your mouth as possible


Swing Your Cares Away

For mine and Carly’s fabric sculpture we had many ideas to begin with. We first thought of handing fabric from a tree or rafters to swing on. We also wanted to incorporate a bag for someone to be contained in. For our final project we decided to take both of those ideas and turn it into a performance which eventually weakened it slightly. So for documenting our piece we wanted to focus on the swing-like fabric hanging from the ceiling. Although it is quite simple, it interacts with the body by letting one feel weightless. It allows one to swing away carelessly and throw them self around knowing they will be suspended by the fabric.