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The Decay Project – Sara Hake

For my decay project, I decided to toy with the concept of the empty shell. On a pedestal, I set up a collection of ten eggs, with one of them only being the empty shell that was left behind. Over the next nine days, the rest of the eggs will disappear one by one, leaving only the empty shells. My concept is that the eggs and their empty shells symbolize how humans, over the course of their life, can lose their mental state, so that sometimes in the very last stages of life, all that is left of the person is the empty shell of who they once were; their bodies are still present, but their minds and personalities have already decayed and disappeared.

10 Performances with 10 Rules – Sara Hake

  1. “Don’t Step on the Crack! – Sync Style” Performance: Walking in sync with another person. Rule: Don’t Step on any cracks on the ground.

2. “J-Walking, Baby-Step Style” Performance: Crossing the road without a crosswalk. Rule: Must only take baby-steps.

3. “Moonwalk like a Robot” Performance: Moonwalking. Rule: Don’t bend the knees

4. “Don’t Walk and Text!” Performance: Walking while texting. Rule: Don’t run into anything

5. “Walking the Curved Road, with My Feet Planted Firmly on the Side” Performance: Walk in or follow a curve. Rule: Must walk on the outsides of your feet only.

6. “Backwards Barefoot Walking” Performance: Walking backwards. Rule: No shoes allowed!

7. “Walking Tunes” Performance: Walking to the rhythm of music. Rule Must listen to music at all times – and skip the ads as soon as you can!

8. “Tip-toe Tightrope” Performance: Walking on tip-toes. Rule: Must place your feet directly in front of one another, as if walking a tightrope.


9. “Horizontal Walking – Make sure to keep your eyes on the ground!” Performance: “walking” while laying down. Rule: Must keep your eyes fixed on the ground at all times.


10.”Speedy Heel Walking” – Performance: Speed Walking. Rule: Only walk on heels