Assignments for Monday 2/20

Hello Everyone,

For Monday’s class please remove work from the walls and make sure your space is clean.

By 8am Monday you must have the following projects completed (this has slightly changed from what was discussed in class):

1. Everyday Activity: Pick one piece (from the many experiments) and commit to it. Complete this artwork, finalize documentation, and display in the space. You should have one fully realized piece of work from this assignment.

2. Time Piece (an object/piece that ceases to exist): Please continue or redo (if this was discussed in class) your time piece. We expect a final work on display Monday morning. Make sure to document the project and think about final display.

Both assignments must be completed and fully realized. You will be evaluated on the quality of the work and it must be finished on time (no late or unresolved work). The work on display Monday morning will be the work that is considered for your grade.

Key things to consider: form(s) of documentation, setting, remnants, objects, action, display, symbols, research, subject matter, investigation, decision making, collecting, and going beyond what you know.

Come to class with sketchbooks, any paper you have available, and writing/drawing materials. Be ready to work.

Final assignments will be announced Monday during class.

Please send Sarah and me any questions you have regarding the assignments.

Have a great week!



Time – Artists

Marina Abromovich

Francis Alys

Janine Antoni

Edgar Arceneaux

Michael Asher

Phalydia Barlow

Mel Bochner

Chris Burden

Walter De Maria 

Tara Donovan

Olafur Eliasson

Tracy Emin

Hamish Fulton

Felix Gonzalez-Torres

Hoss Haley

Ann Hamilton

Jeppe Hein

Eva Hesse

Nancy Holt

Rebecca Horn

Roni Horn

Tehching Hseih

On Kawara

Eric Kessels

Allan Kaprow

Anish Kapoor

James Lee Byars

Richard Long

Mads Lynnerup

Gordon Matta-Clark

Peter Matthews

Yoko Ono

Adrian Piper

Will Rogan

Richard Serra

Lorna Simpson

Robert Smithson

Richard Tuttle

Gillian Wearing