Financial Investment

Day 1:

Journal entry: Tried to put a dollar in one bags.  Took some time but broke.  Retied bag for a redo.  10 cents in each bag, 40 cents total [in one mobile]. Holding strong.


Day 2:

Journal entry: 20 cents in each, 80 cents total. We still going.


Day 3:

Jornal entry: 30 cents each, $1.20 total. Still holding


Day 4:

Jornal entry: 40 cents each, $1.60 total. Little pull, still holding though


Day 5:

Jornal entry: 50 cents each, $2 total. Not yet willing to break

*Images Missing


Day 6:

Jornal entry: 60 cents each, $2.40 total. Still not yet fall, getting close though


Day 7:

Jornal entry: 70 cents each, $2.80 total. Thought it would break today, I was wrong


Day 8:

Jornal entry: Came in and one [of the mobiles] broke and was on the floor. 80 cent each, $3.20 total.



Day 9:

Jornal entry: 90 cents each, $3.60 total. Waiting for the last [mobile] to fall, so close


Day 10:

Jornal entry: Touched the bags and they fell. Camera wasn’t ready, didn’t catch the fall. Sadness.

Let’s Take A Crack At It

I decided to go with a mixture of two project ideas, with a little bit of a kick.  I mixed the group knuckle crack idea with the video compilation idea.  Not only that but I also played with music and how different music changes your interpretation of a subject.  I decided to make four videos, one without music and three with.  Have a look for yourself and tell me how you feel.